Second year courses

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) :

  • Brazil and Geopolitics in South America
  • Production Structure of the Brazilian Economy
  • Brazilian Business Law
  • Sustainability and Consumer in Brazil
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Business Research Methods
  • Seminars & Business Visiting
  • Portuguese Language
  • Electives

East China University of Science and Technology (China):

  • Chinese History and Culture
  • Business Ethics
  • Chinese Business Environment
  • Chinese Accounting & Tax System
  • Chinese Financial Market
  • Chinese Business Law
  • Research Methods
  • Electives (different between the two tracks offered)

Universidad La Salle, (Mexico):

  • Negotiation and Business Promotion in America
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility in Organizations
  • Legal Context for International Mexican Business
  • Financial Methods and Models for Decision Making
  • Business Interactions (foreign language for business)
  • International Entrepreneurship Workshop
  • Research for Enterprise Solutions
  • Electives

Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Russia):

  • Russian language (intensive course)
  • Geopolitical Aspects of Russian Development
  • Legal Environment of Entrepreneurship in Russia
  • Modern Problems of Russian Economic Development
  • Russia in Foreign Economic Relations
  • Entrepreneurship in Russia

Uppsala University (Sweden):

  • Choice of one compulsory course from the following:
    • Business Analysis & Managerial Action
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Choice of one compulsory course from the following:
    • The Global Firm
    • Accounting Theory
  • Scientific Methods in Business Research (may be optional for certain students)
  • Choice of one compulsory course from the following:
    • Internationalization of Business
    • Consumer Marketing
    • Advances Organization Theory
  • The MSc degree students can choose between the following tracks:
    • Corporate Strategy; Managing the Multinational Corporation (only MSc degree)
    • Markets and Marketing; Service logic in Marketing
    • Institutional Analysis in Organization; Consulting, Communication and Change