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MIEX Alumni Association

After a decade of history and progress, MIEX has created a tight knit, active and diverse community made up of over 1000 alumni, professors, business professionals, students from across the globe. The MIEX Alumni Association aims to build and nurture collaborative relationships between the MIEX Community and to increase the professional opportunities and growth of its members through networking and mentorship. The MIEX Alumni Association is a student-led association aimed at building strong, collaborative relationships between alumni in order to increase the professional opportunities and tools available in the community.
MIEX Alumni Association Board Members:

  • Clemens Roettgen, President
  • Alessio Orlando, Vice-President
  •  Marina Lazarevic, Communication Manager
  •  Lucy Scioscia, MIEX Community Manager

The main goals set out are: (1) to provide a means to network globally while making available the vast assortment of sector expertise and professional tools found in the community; (2) to provide peer-to-peer mentoring services to assist in transitional phases; (3) to foster a more connected community of knowledge.

Thank you for the MIEX memories!

The theme of MAD 2017 was “Competing and Succeeding in Turbulent Global Environments” and featured prominent speakers such as Prof. Paolo Aversa from the Cass Business School in London who discussed leading innovation in turbulent environments with lessons from Formula One and Prof. Andrea Mantovani from the University of Bologna who discussed the challenges of global competition for innovative and proactive firms.

Our over 200 guests enjoyed a great talk by special guest, Mr. Otello Valenti from Toro Rosso, who shared his seasoned experience as a business professional in the corporate fast lanes of the world of international motor racing.

As always, MIEX Alumni Day also shines a light on our alumni, giving them the opportunity to actively participate and speak throughout the event about their experiences and professional journey post MIEX! We would also like to thank Mr. Gaetano Bergami from BMC Sir Filters for sharing his experience as a member of the MIEX business community.

The day didn’t end there. As in traditional MIEX style, we gathered our guests at ZOO bar located in the heart of Bologna!

MAD 2017 was indeed a special day not to be soon forgotten!

Thank you to all the members of the MIEX Community all over the world and to everyone who made MAD 2017 a great success!

Until the next MAD!

Peer Mentoring Program


The aim of the Peer Mentoring Program is to actively achieve the Association’s mission to provide channels which foster networking opportunities that allow its member to tap into the resources and value found within the network.

The role of peer mentors is to provide mentees (students and/or recent graduates) with career advice during transitional phases, helping to clarify goals, strengths and opportunities through open discussion and the experience of the mentor.

The MIEX AA Peer-Mentoring Program aims to transform MIEX students into responsible business professionals. Those students accepted into the program will consult one-on-one with a MIEX Alumni to obtain insights about the nature of his/her profession, as well as guidance on professional planning, ethical responsibility and personal development.

Application Documents

Are you a MIEX Alumni? Interested in becoming a mentor?


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